About Us

Pebbles Preschool & Kindergarten
  • Our Mission is tonurture and develop

    Our mission is to help nurture and develop each child’s growth socially, emotionally, physically, cognitively, and spiritually, which will create a path for each child to enter elementary school with the necessary skills to promote lifelong learning and growth.

    Pebbles Preschool will provide quality early childhood education to children in a warm and loving Christian environment.

  • Pebbles was founded in 2007out of a desire for excellence.

    We all have high hopes for the education and future of our children.

    Our goal is to give them a foundation for life so they can achieve their dreams and excel in their lives. Pebbles Preschool and Kindergarten is licensed by the State of Texas and upholds all standards and codes to maintain a safe environment for your children.

  • At Pebbles, we believe learningshould be well-rounded and interactive.

    Pebbles has chosen the A Beka curriculum to help structure your child’s learning.

    The children will enjoy a day filled with crafts, music, language, games, physical activities and exercise, stories, Bible time, as well as preschool learning activities such as letters, colors, and numbers. We will uphold our Christian beliefs and incorporate Christian values into each lesson by using the most important textbook, the Bible.

  • 10 Signs of a Great Preschool

    by the National Association for the Education of Young Children
    • Engaged Learning

      We want our students to be engaged throughout the day. We expect that our students will learn through interaction, not by aimless wander or quiet non-activity.

    • Varied Activity

      Each child learns through different styles. We believe that a well-rounded and varied approach is crucial to giving your child an individualized education.

    • Group Learning

      At Pebbles, we take care to teach students individually, through small groups, and in the large group setting.

    • Celebrated Work

      You will find that we proudly display the works and achievements of all our students.

    • Environmental Learning

      We teach our students basic skills, such as numbers and letters, with examples and applications to the students’ familiarity.

    • Appropriate Timeframes

      Our students are given ample reasonable timeframes for both learning and playtime.

    • Outdoor Play

      We prioritize the time that our students are able to explore and enjoy the outdoors.

    • Prioritized Reading

      Our teachers make reading a normal and fun experience. Books are integrated throughout the day – not just at story time.

    • Individualized Care

      Our curriculum is readily and frequently adapted to the needs of each student. No student will be unchallenged or pushed too far in academic excellence.

    • Happy Students

      We maintain a happy atmosphere. We want your child to look forward to coming to school at Pebbles!

  • We are now accepting applications for enrollment!