Spring Break is Here!

March 09, 2017

Well, it did NOT snow in February, or any other time this year and now we are about to enter the beautiful spring season! In fact, we are about to enter the wonderful event known as SPRING BREAK!! So, if you show up at Pebbles after 6:00 today and before 7:00 Monday, January 20, you will not be able to get in because we are all on SPRING BREAK!!

We are having a wonderful year here at Pebbles Preschool with summer and fall enrollment going strong. There are many exciting events ahead, such as the Book Fair, Pancakes with Parents, and the Easter Egg hunt coming up in April. I’m not even telling you about May yet…it’s FULL of excitement, too!

So, be sure and check back to see the great line-up for May. In the meantime, have a wonderful spring break!

Until later…bye ya’ll!